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Poker is a game that is being played in casinos around the world. It is also played between friends not for gambling or money but just for fun. This game is being played for many years in the industry. The game has got new fans with the start of online casinos where you can play poker or any game of your choice from your home. The game of poker was played in 1829 in New Orleans, Louisiana with a deck of 20 cards and four players. The players were betting on each cards. This is reported by English actor Joseph Cowell. This game had then spread to other parts of the country by the boats in the Mississippi river. This game became a favourite past time in the riverboats. This is described in the book “an exposure of art and miseries of gambling” by Jonathan H.Green. Soon the game had spread over to all places and also changes were made to the game.

A full 52-card French deck was introduced and used in the game.Also flush was introduced in the game. A flush is a five-card in the player's hand containing cards of same unit. Like five cards of spade or five cards of hearts, etc. They need not be in sequential order. Rules for the game were added as they game was played further. Rule book was also released. The game was played intensively during the years of civil war and many changes were made to the game. With each change, a new game of poker was found. Stud poker and straight were found during the years of civil war. Further additions were made to the game and many new variations of poker were found. Wild card (1875), low ball and split pot poker (1900) and community card poker (1925) were found in the years that followed.


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